Non CO2 Gases

Working Group


To support common observations of soil N2O emissions from Common Experiment treatments at all LTAR sites.


  • To define a standardized minimum sampling design to address greenhouse gas questions across the LTAR network.
  • To identify LTAR sites that are able to analyze gas samples for other sites.
  • To coordinate use of LTAR Non-CO2 gas data to address network-wide questions.


List activities that are currently happening or that are planned for this working group.

Next steps (from Archbold meeting):

  • Work closely with Soil WG to coordinate ancillary soils data needs (e.g. soil moisture, temperature, mineral N etc.)
  • Send out survey to assess:
    • Current N2O measurement activities including
      • Treatments sampled
      • Frequency of measurement
      • Years of existing data
      • List of publications
      • Future plans
      • Existing equipment and labor commitment
      • Able to serve as consultant to other sites?
      • Share photos
    • Assess interest in contributing data for a paper on testing N2O models


Datasets Produced

List datasets that will be produced (compiled or managed) by this working group.
  • Soil moisture
  • Soil temperature
  • N2O emissions

Manuscripts Published

List of manuscripts published or under development with LTAR Meteorology datasets.

Working Group Name

Non CO2 Gases Working Group


Michel Cavigelli


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Agricultural Research Service