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LTAR Network Coordinator

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LTAR Network Site Leads

Site NameSite CodeSite Lead NameSite Lead Email
Archbold-University of FloridaABS-UFHilary
Central Mississippi River BasinCMRBClaire
Central Plains Experimental RangeCPERJustin
Eastern Corn BeltECBKevin
Great BasinGBFred Pierson
Gulf Atlantic Coastal PlainGACPTim
Jornada Experimental RangeJERBrandon
Kellogg Biological StationKBSPhil
Lower Chesapeake BayLCBGlenn
Lower Mississippi River BasinLMRBMartin
Northern PlainsNPDavid
Platte River/High Plains AquiferPRHPAMarty Schmer (ARS)
Virginia Jin (ARS)
Tala Awada (UNL)
R.J. Cook Agronomy FarmCAFDave
Southern PlainsSPAnn-Marie
Texas GulfTGDoug
Upper Chesapeake BayUCBKathy
Upper Mississippi River BasinUMRBJohn Kovar(Ames)
John Baker (St. Paul)
Walnut Gulch Experimental WatershedWGEWPhilip




The USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS) Long-Term Agroecosystem Research network consists of 18 Federal and university agricultural research sites with an average of over 50 years of history. The goal of this research network is to ensure sustained crop and livestock production and ecosystem services from agroecosystems, and to forecast and verify the effects of environmental trends, public policies, and emerging technologies.