Job Announcements

LTAR Network job announcements

LTAR Network Job Announcements

DateJob Listing
4-1-2024 Research Weed Scientist – Pullman, WA
4-1-2024 Research Soil Scientist/Agricultural Engineer – Pullman, WA
3-28-2024 Postdoctoral Opportunity for Interdisciplinary Scientis – Oxford, MS
3-20-2024 Postdoctoral Associate in Grassland Biogeochemistry and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
3-19-2024 USDA-ARS Postdoctoral Fellowship in Aquatic Ecology – Oxford, MS
3-12-2024Full-time Research Assistant – Aridland Restoration Ecology – Reno, NV
2-20-2024Postdoctoral Position – Hydrologic and Erosion Modeling – Tucson, AZ
2-13-2024Senior Agroecologist Faculty Job Posting at Michigan State University, Kellogg Biological Station – Lansing, MI
2-12-2024Soil Scientist / Agronomist / Agricultural Engineer – Beltsville, MD
2-7-2024Postdoctoral Position: Integrated Crops-Pastures-Livestock- University Park, PA
2-2-2024Supervisory Biologist, Lincoln, NE
1-16-2024Research Assistant Professor – Micrometeorology, Lincoln, NE
12-22-2023Research Leader – Boise, ID
12-21-2023Postdoctoral Researcher in Regional Self-Reliance and Carrying Capacity – Burlington, VT
12-18-2023Hydrologist – Kimberly, ID
12-19-2023Post-doc in hydrology and erosion modeling, USDA-ARS – Tucson, Arizona
12-18-2023Physical Scientist/Biologist, Fort Collins, CO
12-12-2023Post doc in restoration ecology, UNR/USDA-ARS, Reno, NV
12-7-2023Public Affair Specialist, Remote position
12-7-2023Agricultural Engineer/Agronomist/Soil Scientist, Columbia, MO
12-1-2023Research Soil Scientist/Research Agronomist/Research Agricultural Engineer, Beltsville, MD
12-1-2023Supervisory Physical Scientist/Supervisory Soil Scientist/Supervisory Hydrologist (Research Leader), Tifton, GA
11-21-2023Postdoctoral position on the human dimensions of agrivoltaics and land change, Las Cruces, NM
11-28-2023Supervisory Physical Scientist/Supervisory Soil Scientist/Supervisory Hydrologist (Research Leader), Tifton, GA
11-14-2023ARS Postdoc Position on Rangeland Carbon Fluxes and Soil Carbon, Burns, OR
11-14-2023ARS Postdoc Position Available, Corvallis, OR
10-17-2023Biologist (Computational), Boise, ID
9-27-2023Post Doc in Restoration Ecology, UNR/USDA-ARS, Reno, NV
9-7-2023IT Specialist, Tucson AZ
8-14-2023GIS Research Assistant/Drone Pilot
8-9-2023Postdoctoral Research Associate: Carbon Balance in Grazing lands
7-17-2023Soil Scientist / Agronomist / Agricultural Engineer, Beltsville, MD
7-6-2023Postdoctoral Position: Restoration ecology, UNR/USDA-ARS, Reno, NV
6-26-2023Postdoctoral Position: Integrated Crops-Pastures-Livestock, University Park, PA
6-14-2023Postdoctoral Position: Cooperative Management of Nutrient Circularity, Las Cruces, NM
6-9-2023Research Soil Scientist/Agricultural Engineer/Hydrologist, West Lafayette, IN
5-31-2023SCINet/ORISE AI/ML PostDoc Opportunity, Remote position
5-26-2023Research Animal Scientist, Las Cruces, NM
5-19-2023Biological Science Technician, Oxford, MSL
5-12-2023Data Manager, Venus, FL
5-12-2023Supervisory Research Plant Pathologist (Interdisciplinary), Canal Point, FL
5-5-2023City Research Scientist, Kingston, NY
5-5-2023Computer Specialist (Software), Kingston, NY
4-7-2023Social Scientist Technician, Las Cruces, NM
4-4-2023Post-doc opportunity announcement-Columbus, OH
3-29-2023Research Soil Scientist, Beltsville, MD
3-28-2023Field Technician – Aridland Restoration Ecology, Reno, NV
3-14-2023PostDoc in Remote Sensing/AI, Boise, Idaho
3-14-2023Agricultural and Hydrological Modeling Postdoctoral Fellowship, Beltsville, MD
2-27-2023Research Soil Scientist, Oxford, MS
2-27-2023Social Scientist, Reno, NV
2-10-2023Post-doctoral research associate in subtropical pasture isotope biogeochemistry 
2-1-2023Postdoctoral Research Agronomist/Ecologist Position – Mandan, ND
1-27-2023Post-doctoral associate in eco-hydrologic modeling, remotely sensed data, and machine learning techniques, Columbia, MO
1-20-2023Research Hydrologist Postdoc, Tucson, AZ
1-19-2023Research Agricultural Engineer, Portageville, MO
1-19-2023Research Soil Scientist/Agronomist, Columbia, MO
1-17-2023Physical Science Technician, Beltsville, MD
12-15-2022Hydrologist (Computational Hydrological Informatics), Oxford, MS
12-13-2022SET Detail Opportunity- Ecologist-LTAR Coordinator (GS-12), Ft Collins, CO
12-8-2022Research Ecologist Postdoc @ USDA-ARS Jornada Experimental Range
12-8-2022Research Rangeland Scientist/Soil Scientist/Agronomist, Temple, TX
12-1-2022: AgRisk Associate
11-14-2022Supervisory Research Microbiologist/Ecologist/Soil Scientist, Ames, IA
10-14-2022: Ecophysiology Postdoctoral Research Associate I, Tucson, AZ
9-29-2022Research Biologist/Agricultural Engineer, Columbus, OH
9-15-2022USDA-ARS Research Plant Physiologist/ Research Soil Scientist/ Agricultural Engineer
9-15-2022USDA-ARS Research Soil Scientist/ Research Agronomist/ Research Agricultural Engineer
9-15-2022Research Assistant Position, Long-Term Agroecosystem Research (LTAR) site at the Univ. of Florida, Range Cattle REC in Ona, FL
9-8-2022USDA-ARS National Program Leader – Soil Biology, Beltsville, MD
8-31-2022Technical Information Specialist position GS-11, Mandan, ND
8-9-2022Support Scientist (Soil Science) Vacancy – Akron, CO
8-8-2022Biologist (Computational Bioinformatics) – Lincoln, NE
7-28-2022Research Fellow position – agroecology
7-28-20223-year postdoc – Living Lab research in Germany
7-6-2022Soil Scientist Position at ARS in Akron, CO
6-27-2022Job Announcement: Research Microbiologist – Research Associate in Mandan, ND 
6-8-2022Research Animal Scientist Announcement, USDA-ARS Food Systems Research Unit, VT
6-6-2022: Research Soil Scientist at LCB site
5-26-2022: Postdoctoral Associate Position, ABS-UF LTAR
5-22-2022: Seeking Postdoctoral Associate with experience in eddy covariance systems
5-22-2022: ORISE Postdoctoral Research Associate in Legacy Phosphorus Fellowship
4-29-2022: Scientist Job Opening – LTAR Walnut Gulch Experimental Watershed – Tucson, AZ
4-25-2022: Research Ecologist/Soil Scientist/Hydrologist GS-12/13 SY position, Ames IA, climate-soils-land use effects on watersheds
4-15-2022: Postdoc in Rangeland Management and Social-Ecological Resilience
4-14-2022: USDA-ARS SCINet Postdoctoral Fellowship in Machine Learning for Camera Trap Data
3-8-2022: Research Assistant on Grassland Ecosystem Services and Climate Resilience, Archbold Biological Station
2-15-2022Technical Information Specialist position in Mandan, ND
2-12-2022: Airborne Data Technican Position Open for Applicants
2-11-2022ARS postdoctoral position in Beltsville, MD
2-8-2022Position opening: Program Director in Avian Ecology, Archbold Biological Station
2-4-2022ARS-Post-Doctoral Research Agronomist/Plant Physiologist/Ecologist- Brookings, South Dakota
2-1-2022ARS Postdoc position, Tucson AZ: Improved understanding of carbon and water cycling in semiarid regions
1-31-2022ARS Support Scientist Vacancy at Columbia, MO (CMRB)
1-18-2022Post-Doc Position: Remote Sensing
1-13-2022ARS Postdoctoral Position: Nitrous Oxide Emissions
1-10-2022Assistant Ranch Manager, Archbold’s Buck Island Ranch
12-1-2021Research Scientist: Modeling sustainability of agricultural supply chains
11-29-2021Reynolds Creek Collaborative Science and Outreach Coordinator, Biological Sciences Boise, Idaho
11-19-2021Research Leader with USDA-ARS on western rangelands
11-16-2021Research Soil Scientist/Research Agronomist/Research Ecologist/Research Physical Scientist position in the Hydrology and Remote Sensing Laboratory, Beltsville, MD
11-15-2021 U of Arizona Postdoctoral Research Associate: Impacts of legacy soil and water conservation structures
11-5-2021Two new position openings in ARS with SCINet and the AI COE
10-26-2021IT Specialist (Data Management) position open with the ARS in Beltsville, MD
10-26-2021Agronomist/Soil Scientist/Agricultural Engineer position with the ARS in Beltsville, MD
10-14-2021ARS Postdoc Position at Mandan, ND
8-16-2021Multiple Postdoc Openings – Agricultural Trace Gases
6-28-2021Job Announcement: Data Manager for Archbold Biological Station
6-8-2021Job Announcement: Postdoctoral fellow
5-24-2021Job Announcement – Director of Conservation at Archbold Biological Station, FL
5-17-2021Job Announcement: Assistant Professor, Watershed Hydrology and Biogeochemistry and Research Assist Position at Univ. of Florida/Range Cattle REC
5-17-2021Job Announcement: Entomologist at Tifton, GA



The USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS) Long-Term Agroecosystem Research network consists of 18 Federal and university agricultural research sites with an average of over 50 years of history. The goal of this research network is to ensure sustained crop and livestock production and ecosystem services from agroecosystems, and to forecast and verify the effects of environmental trends, public policies, and emerging technologies.